Did You Know That Women Can Experience Different Types Of Climaxes And Can Even CUM Multiple Times ?


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The elusive female orgasm is one of the most sought after things. Everyone wants it – women long for it, wishing that every sexual experience would be topped up by that tingly and indescribable feeling of intense pleasure.

Men also wish that they could master the art of driving a woman to the ‘Big O’ because truth be told, giving a woman this intense sexual peak is among the things that define good sex. Most people are of the impression that a woman can only have one during penetrative sex.

However, there are different kinds of female climaxes, and once you know them, then it becomes easier to achieve it.


1. Clitoral Orgasm:


The clitoris is also known as the woman’s pleasure button. Although it is as tiny as a pea, the clitoris has several nerves that become even more sensitive when a woman is sexually aroused. Clitoral orgasming is the most common kind that women experience.

It starts by a pleasurable feeling in the clitoris, that spreads to various parts of the body, creating a general feeling of intense pleasure and the need to be stimulated more.

Since the clitoris is very sensitive, it is important that you handle it gently because it can become painful if handled roughly. Most women find that if their clitoris are touched gently, with just the finger tips, or if they are licked sensuously, then they will cum after a very short time.


2. Vaginal Spasm:


obc_Square_4 This occurs mainly when the G-spot is stimulated either by the use of a finger, sex toy or penis. There have been arguments revolving around the existence of the G-spot.

Some people believe that it is a myth, while other studies indicate that it is an erogenous part inside the vagina that causes females to climax upon stimulation.

During vaginal spasm, the pelvic, uterus and anal muscles contract and an intense feeling of pleasure spreads rapidly all overt the body.

The trick to achieving this type is identifying where the G-spot (Pleasure point) is, and focusing your thrusts there.


3. The Blended Climax:


This is so far the most intense form of sexual peak a woman can have. It combines both the clitoral and vaginal climaxing, and sends a woman’s body to a momentarily stop and surrender to the pleasure being given. Although it can be relatively hard to achieve, if you find a sexual position where both the clitoris and the G-spot are being simultaneously stimulated, then it is likely to happen.

Some of the positions you can use include the cowboy (woman on top) or even missionary; as long as simultaneous stimulation is possible. It is even easier if the woman was extremely aroused during foreplay, and all her pleasure zones are extremely sensitive.


4. Multiple Orgasms:


obc_Square_2 This is what every women wishes for. Can you imagine getting not one, not two, but a series of climaxes in one session of sex?

Unlike men whose bodies completely shut down after we ejaculate, women are wired differently. A woman is able to bounce right back after having one, and experience others in rapid succession.

How lucky!

For multiple cumming to happen, both the man and woman must understand each other’s body, explore and be heavily turned on.

It differs from person to person, with some finding it easier to achieve the more they know and learn about their most erogenous parts, it becomes even easier for the woman to experience multiple cums.


5. Others:


Even though it is debatable if they should be categorized on their own, there are other types of female orgasms that come from stimulating the breast, skin, and other erogenous parts. Some women also end up climaxing by just fantasizing and creating sexual images in their minds, or even during sexual dreams.

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