4 Tricks To Make Women Cum?


How To Make Women Orgasmfull-page-dividerIncredible Men are always looking for ways that they can drive their partners to toe curling and earth shattering orgasms. The truth of the matter is, every man wants to feel like a pro when it comes to bedroom matters. Unfortunately, the female orgasm continues to be a fleeting thing that most men have a problem grasping. As much as having an climax isn’t the ultimate goal of love making, it spices everything up and makes sex more fun. There are many ways you can use to ensure that your woman climaxes during sex.


1. Spend more time on foreplay:


obc_Square_4If you want to give your lady truly pleasurable lovemaking, then you have to make sure that you invest heavily on foreplay. Touch her, kiss her, caress her and make her want you.

A woman is more likely to cum when she is well lubricated and turned on before penetration.

To make foreplay last longer, and to get her ready for sex, alternate between touching her erogenous and not so erogenous parts.

You can spice things up by performing oral sex on her, and allowing her to act out her fantasies.

When you make her feel like you are on a mission to make her enjoy sex, then her body obeys, and what follows is that big “O”.


2. Choose the right sex style and position:


Did you know that there are some positions that increase the chances of your girl coming?. Choose a position that allows stimulation to her clitoris. The girl on top position is one of the styles that work best for most women.

During sex, you should position yourself in a way that allows your penis to gently stimulate her clitoris. You can thrust her using different rhythms that enable both of you to last longer.

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3. Assure her that you appreciate and care for her:


obc_Square_2One of the reasons why ladies do not come is because of self esteem issues.

Some will feel like their bodies are not good enough. Some of them come from a past of sexual and emotional abuse that prevents them from enjoying sex fully.

You should always assure her that you appreciate her, and you want to be with her. Compliment her, tell her that you want to be with her, and point out why she is special to you.

Once she feels appreciated, she is able to relax and enjoy sex.


4. Find her G-spot:


There are still may ongoing debates about the existence of the Gspot. Most chicks will agree that there is a part inside the vagina that produces a powerful vaginal orgasm when stimulated. The problem is, most men do not know where it is.

As much as there are articles that give some details about where the G spot is located, you should always explore your partner’s body and find it yourself.

You can do this by either inserting you finger gently into her vagina or using a sex toy to find out where the G-spot is. After that, you can now work on hitting the Gspot with your penis during penetration.

The trick to making her cum is to learn her body by exploring it and identifying what makes her tick. You should also try and help her relax and feel appreciated. If you use these tips, then you will definitely increase chances of sending her into a climax every time you have sex.

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