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Female Psychology “Hack” That Triggers Rapid Attraction



Too many conversations men have with women either send a woman to sleep, bore them or unwittingly KILL all attraction.

Yet there are other conversations that grab a woman by the heart and activate her most primal sexual desires.

Most men unfortunately waste too much time with the former.

Discover exactly what DOES stimulate a woman’s deepest feelings of attraction here…

The female psychology “hack” that triggers intense attraction


I like to look at what triggers attraction as a completely different language.

Most men speak regular English to a woman.

They’ll either ask her all the boring questions every other guy does – about her life, about her her day, about her friends, about what she likes and so on.

Or they’ll overcompensate for lack of confidence by coming with insulating pick-up lines, bragging or talking about themselves the whole time.

Either way – they’re still talking just plain English.

And I call this plain English because the outcome is plutonic and speaks only to a woman’s cognitive logic-based mind.

What if instead there was a totally different language?

A language that spoke directly to her deeper subconscious emotional mind.

…The part that’s responsible for her feelings and ATTRACTION?

Well this language exists.

And it’s a different way of communicating.

It involves completely different words.

It involves a completely different set of questions.

It involves different positioning, different dynamics, different physical contact, different timings of communication and different body language.

My point is this…

If you use logic or traditional methods of talking to women you’ll probably fail to spark intense attraction.


Because you won’t be pushing the right “buttons” and you won’t be speaking to the part of her responsible for attraction.

Make sense?

Look, I can only scratch the surface here in an e-mail, but if you’re curious to start speaking this language of attraction then go watch the following video.

It breaks down IN DETAIL how to speak and communicate with women in a way that’ll trigger attraction and have them pursuing YOU.

Watch it here…

How to speak the language of sexual attraction to women

Talk soon,


PS – One of the benefits of this approach to communicating with women is that it bypasses all her usual objections – including the superficial reasons why some women claim to not be attracted to a man.

That means you can be wildly successful with women EVEN IF you don’t look like a male model.

See a video of how it works by clicking this link…



Stealth Attraction Review

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