Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts Review

How To Make Any Woman Squirt?

female ejaculation review video

A couple of years ago everyone started talking about “squirting” and female ejaculation…


First it became a subject of sex educators and tantra practictioners... how some women ejaculate “like men” when they have powerful orgasms…


Then it became a big thing in porn (quite a bit of which was fake)…


And then it became a topic among women: “oh honey, until you’ve squirted you haven’t really LIVED!”…


And finally, it became a big topic among men: “If you can’t make your woman squirt then you’re not really satisfying her and you’re not a REAL man!”




So here’s some important squirt orgasms shortcuts that you need to know:


– First of all, YES, absolutely learn about it, do it, experiment with the techniques, enjoy it… but don’t buy into the silly hype that if you aren’t experiencing female ejaculation with your woman that there is something inferior about you or your sex life!


– Second… DON’T FORGET TO PUT DOWN TOWELS (which is very serious business because some women will soak through the sheets and into the mattress and it won’t dry for days)


– Don’t make a big deal out of it (if a woman gets a whiff of pressure because your ego needs her to perform this trick to feel like a real man, it ain’t never gonna happen)– deep trust is a major key to allowing her to surrender enough to “let it happen”


– When she feels like she’s going to pee if you don’t stop, you know you’re doing it right.  Encourage her to press it out by pushing against your finger or penis with her G spot


– Some women have very tiny intra-urethral glands, and less than teaspoon might come out… and some women have larger glands and more than 8 ounces so might come gushing out… prepare for anything, and don’t be freaked out and think you’re doing it wrong just because less comes out (or much more, or whatever)


– Make sure your partner pees first, since if her bladder is full, some urine is likely to be expelled with the ejaculate, which is going to embarrass her and make it difficult for her to do it in the future


And that brings us to today’s heads up and brief review:


My good ol’ pal, the sexy and smart Gabrielle Moore, has a new program called “SquirtingOrgasmShortcuts” which is… well, exactly what it sounds like…


It’s a video format for those “visual learners” (and/or folks who just wanna watch!), and it’s super easy to follow along.


It includes a “naked instructor” who narrates and explains what the couple in the bed are doing.


After some explanation of how female ejaculation works, the instructor does a strip-tease and then goes into the bedroom to narrate and explain the techniques… not the typical school experience…


If you’ve got the “naughty teacher” fantasy, then this is going to be your flavor.


Bottom line:


“SquirtingOrgasmShortcuts” by Gabrielle Moore is just exactly what the name implies– no more or less.  It’s clear and concise if you want a visual “how to” for squirting.


Check out the high-quality, professional video with some samples from the program here >> Female Squirt Ejaculation Orgasm Reviews Video Gabrielle Moore


For Passion,


Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts Review

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