Seduce With Silence Review

What to do if she doesn’t want sex…

You’re ready, you’re horny, but she’s not interested.

What do you do?

Well, start by following the steps outlined in this video…

What to do if she’s not horny, but you want sex (a.k.a. – how to make a woman horny, fast)


If she doesn’t want sex, but you do, here’s what NOT to do…

Push harder.

That really doesn’t work.

Doing more of what’s not working is not the solution.

And GUILTING her into it will definitely not work either.

Well, maybe it’ll work once or twice, but the sex will suck and in the long-term the sex will REALLY suck.

So don’t do that.

Instead, if you find that what you’re trying is not working, take a step back and start thinking from HER perspective.

Get out of obsessing about your own needs.

And yes, I get that’s it hard, especially when male arousal involves such potent hormones.

But it’s important.

Get out of yourself and focus on what she really wants.

And, as always, that means focusing on the EMOTIONS behind sex.

If you want to make a woman horny, give her an unforgettable EXPERIENCE.

That means setting the mood, actually paying ATTENTION to her, flirting with her (do this way before sex, not just when you’re horny), touching her gradually and taking the lead.

An attractive man doesn’t beg or ask for sex, he leads a woman to sex.

It’s a subtle but important difference.

And what all this also means is that you must PLAN for it.

Don’t just screw around, act totally platonic and boring, and then suddenly when you hit the bedroom expect sparks to fly.

That’s not how women work.

You’ve got to turn that volume switch up slowly throughout your time together.

Make sense?


Now look.

I can really only scratch the surface of female arousal in a small newsletter.

It is, however, crucial that you master arousal, foreplay and sexual chemistry with women – if you want an extraordinary and exciting sex life.

If that’s something you’d like to do, go watch the following video now…

Exact blueprint of how to make a woman intensely horny

Talk soon,


PS – In case this wasn’t obvious – this works on single women or partners who you’ve been together with for DECADES.

This is about sparking intense sexual chemistry.

And how to do it is surprisingly formulaic for all women.

See video of how it works by clicking this link…





Seduce With Silence Review

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