Secret Seduction Spray Review

Spray This. Get Laid? My Unusual Experience With Pheromones…



“So let me get this straight.” I said. 

“You spray this stuff near a woman and within 30 seconds she’ll want to f*ck me?”

“Yeah that’s about right.” My buddy replied

“Mmm. Sounds a bit too good to be true, but hey, just for fun… I’ll give it a shot.”

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The first time I heard about this pheromone stuff  I was 16 years old and a virgin.

And man, I would’ve done anything to get laid.  Those days I’d wake up every morning. Slop gel in my hair.  Pop any pimples on my face…

And apply a couple of these seduction pheromones to my neck and go to school.

All day long I walked through the corridors looking for this sexy half Chinese girl called Stephanie who was one year above me.

And I saw her, right after I’d finished my geography class on the way to lunch. Now, usually we’d see each other in passing and say hi.

But this time,  armed with this powerful smell. I bucked up the courage to stop and talk to her.

And my god…  it actually went really well.

And she even gave me her number. (I didn’t ask even have to ask for it!)

Now, the big question is:  Did I get her number because of the pheromones.  Or because I just plucked up the courage to go and talk to the girl?

Honestly. At the time I wasn’t sure. 

Which is why for the last decade or so I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest breakthroughs in “seductive pheromones because I knew, there had to be something to this.

But for a long time, I couldn’t find anything PROVEN to work.

That was until my buddy Troy showed me this great webpage :

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Talk soon


P.S. – This isn’t just for single guys wanting to get laid.

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Secret Seduction Spray Review



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