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Why One Of You Will Cheat Sooner Or Later


Hi, It’s Susan Bratton here…

Have you ever wondered why couples fight, fall out of love, and have affairs?

50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. (And these statistics don’t even include those who are just dating.)

Relationship Magic Experts say the top 2 reasons couples break up are fighting and cheating. But none of them talk about the root cause!

Best-selling author and relationship expert, Susan Bratton, “The Marriage Magician” has identified the root cause AND the solution!

Prevent fights, cheating, and heartbreak by building your relationship on this surprising foundation.

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Susan says “The Golden Rule” has been mucking up marriages and ruining relationships for decades.


She believes the REAL reason couples don’t get along and eventually end up hurting each other is because they believe that old saying, “Do unto others what you’d have others do unto you.”

Let her show you the simple technique that turns this around and gives you the power to create the loving relationship you deserve.

The Golden Rule is just plain WRONG!

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Keep Love Alive,
Susan Bratton


P.S.  “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

The Golden Rule is one of those spiritual maxims that is so self-evident, so obviously true, it goes without saying…

You should treat your Beloved the way you want to be treated, right?

Not so fast. What if I were to tell you that the Golden Rule has been ruining relationships and mucking up marriages for decades?

The truth is: Golden Rule can backfire and wreck your relationship.

Susan Bratton, one of my favorite relationship experts, really opened my eyes when she explained why treating your partner the way you want to be treated is just plain BAD ADVICE.

The old rule doesn’t work, but there is a BETTER RULE that can turn your current or future relationship into a golden opportunity, an opportunity to create a love that is fulfilling on every level—for both of you.

No more confusion about why he treats you the way he does…
and no more wondering why he gets so cranky when you are jumping through hoops to please him!

Imagine how different your love life would be if you knew the secret combination to unlock his heart.

More than that, what if you could give him the secret combination that will take the guesswork out of how to make you happy.

After all, that’s WHAT MEN REALLY WANT: a happy woman.

Golden Magic Rule PDF Download Review in relationships by Susan brattonImagine how it will feel when your current or future partner says, “You give me what no other woman could or would. I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

So forget about the Golden Rule.

 Learn the NEW rule and watch the magic happen.


Love and magic,
Susan Bratton




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