PE Supersizer Review

Your ‘Size’ And Your Status With Women (Harsh)

PE Super sizer Review



It’s harsh, but true…

The bigger you are ‘down there’ – the more STATUS you have with women. And, considering that the whole of the attraction and ‘Mating Game’ is based on Status…

That’s pretty HARSH for most men, right? (Because most men don’t have a ‘big one’)

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While it’s certainly true that having a ‘bigger tool’ gives a man more Status with women – all other things being equal, the following key points are also true:

– Although women find a bigger tool more ATTRACTIVE, generally speaking –having a big tool is no guarantee of being good in bed. And, it’s not necessary to have a big tool to be exceptional in bed (breathe a HUGE sigh of relief if you must 😉

– Size’ is just one of many things that give a man Status with women – and it’s a long way down the list in terms of importance (other ‘Status Building Traits’ include: height, looks, muscles, strength, being lean, having money, social skills, a sense of humor, being interesting, confidence, character, and much much more)

As you can see…

Size’ really isn’t very important after all!

But, if you insist on trying to make yours INCREASE – both length wise, and thickness wise – THIS is the program you stand the best chance of success with (because it’s been used by thousands of happy men)

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong



PE Super Sizer Review

PE Supersizer Review

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