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How To Escape The “Friend-Zone”


I’ll bet this sounds familiar to you…

There’s a woman you think is incredibly attractive, you think about her all the time… but she’s toll you, “I don’t think about you like that! Why can’t we just be friends?”

You probably already know that the dreaded “friend-zone” is place that is very, very difficult to escape from.

Once a woman you’re interested in puts you into the “just friends” category, she is very unlikely to change her mind and start thinking of you as “sex-worthy

…To get from, “I just don’t think of you that way” to becoming the object of her panty-soaking sexual fantasies that dreams of getting into her bed, as much as you may want it, is incredibly rare.

What you might not know is that it never ends! Even men in relationships can get “friend-zoned” by their wife or girlfriend.

And in many ways, if you are in a long term relationship it can be EVEN HARDER to get out of the friend-zone because, chances are, your woman thinks she already knows everything there is know about you. If she’s lost interest in the sex, it’s going to be hard to convince her otherwise.

Likewise if it’s a long-time friend you’re interested in kindling something with, your odds of changing her mind and suddenly wanting to jump your bones go waaaay down.

***It’s important to understand that women don’t CHOOSE to friend-zone you.

It’s automatic, sub-conscious, and a response to psychological, social, and biological cues that she has zero control over.

Don’t you think that if she COULD, she certainly would choose to be attracted to a good guy like you who obviously cares about her??

When a woman you are interested in friend-zones you, one of the problems is that she usually already knows that YOU would like to be more than just friends, and she’s already subconsciously creating defenses, excuses, and rationalizations for why she doesn’t want to have sex with you before you ever even bring it up.

But because the real reasons for her taking you out of the sex-worthy category are completely subliminal and unconscious for her in the first place, her rationalizations are just that: rationalizations.

Attraction is NOT rational. It’s animal.

Now you may have gotten some advice around using jealousy and feigned disinterest to escape the friend-zone, and yes, those sort of manipulative tactics CAN work… and particularly if the woman you are trying to make her jealous with is one of her close friends that she has always felt competitive and insecure around…

In other words, if she has a prettier/skinnier/larger-breasted best friend that once ended up with a guy that she had really wanted in the past… yes, she may feel a sudden (and completely authentic) sexual urge towards you if that friend seems interested in you.

And there are all sorts of clever pick-up versions for synthesizing that kind of thing, making it looks like every other woman in the room wants you, and make her think that you have no interest in HER anymore.

The problem with those sorts of clever tactics are…

1) They are a lot easier said than accomplished!

You can’t always get that best friend laughing at your jokes and putting her hands all over you in public just because you whip out some PUA openers. And faking disinterest can often come across as exactly that: Faking… Particularly if she already knows that you have a crush on her. And again, the better she knows you, the more accurately she’ll be able to tell that you’re faking it (which, as you can imagine, comes across as desperate and pathetic).

2) It doesn’t always work by a long shot. In my observation, the track record is pretty low. Especially if the woman you’re interested in has healthy self-esteem or is highly confident in herself.

3) It’s manipulative and completely dishonest and might leave you feeling like shit. Especially if you happen to be in relationship with this woman you’re trying to manipulate.

There is a much more reliable, honest, and authentic way to get out of the friend zone that works a lot better

Why is the friend zone so hard for most men to escape?

Because they put their effort in ALL THE WRONG DIRECTIONS: They try to do something to change HER attraction.

They put tons of time and work into these schemes, and it almost never works, and yet most men will still REFUSE TO DO WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS…

Because what actually works is confronting, threatening, and even scary.

What works involves making new choices for yourSELF.

And while making those choices is a lot easier than getting involved with manipulative schemes to trick her into wanting you… for most men it’s also threatening to do something different from what they’ve always done.

Men will get angry and rationalize: “Well if she doesn’t like me the way that I am, then screw her!”

But that’s a bunch of self-deceptive BS.

Because the the most powerful way to get a woman to see you as “sex-worthy,” desirable, and sexually arousing, is to get over that crap and be more authentic about who you really are as a man.

It’s sounds nuts, I know, but if you do this right, it works. And it works fast.


Here is the step-by-step blueprint for becoming the man that your woman wants, and super-charging her sex drive

Even if the woman in question thinks of you as just a friend…

Even if she’s known you for years and firmly made up her mind…

Even if she says she has a “low sex drive,” and just isn’t that interested…

If you follow these simple steps she will begin to notice that she feels much sexier and feminine whenever you’re around…

And pretty soon she’ll be having naughty thoughts about you.

And then she’ll start to secretly hope that you make a move on her and bring her into your bed for a wild night of no-holds-barred love making.

It’s been working for hundreds of other men, I think you’re going to really dig it, and, by the way, it’s 100% guaranteed to work for you.

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Passion And Attraction That Lasts Review


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