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Squirting Like A FireHose At 70 Years Old? (Here’s How)‏

Female Climax Blueprint by Jason JuliusJason Julius


Hi! I’m Jason Julius…

I do quite a few ‘manly’ physical pursuits…

Strength training, boxing, Juijitsu and Mountain Biking.

I also play GOLF.

Call me an ‘old man’ if you like – but it’s a real ‘thinking man’s sport’ and I love it.

Anyhow, one of my golf buddies is more than double my age.

In fact, he’s not far of 70.

Cool guy, but physically a bit of a wreck. He’s got awful posture, and has had his fair share of health issues.


After a recent discussion about ‘being better in bed’ as we were strolling the fairways on a Saturday afternoon – I gave him a copy of one of my best programs...

A couple weeks later, we played golf again. But he can’t concentrate.

In fact, he’s running round like a Kid in a Candy Store – excited like he’s just won the lottery.

“Bill, what’s got you so excited?”

“Jason, the techniques in that book. Jesus Christ man.
Me and Pamela have been at it like we used to do it
30 years ago. I’ve been making her squirt like a firehose”

I nodded at Bill, in a way that said:

“Job well done my friend”

And then proceeded to smoke my next drive 300 yards straight down the middle of the 7th fairway.

Happy days.

Of couse, the program Bill used to make his wife ‘squirt like a firehose’ is the FEMALE ORGASM BLUEPRINT.

Now, let me ask you this…

If Bill, a guy old enough to draw his pension – and creaky enough to be labelled a ‘health wreck’ – can use the techniques in Female Orgasm-Arts Blueprint Techniques to make his wife ‘squirt like a firehose’….

What do you think it might do for yourbedroom adventures?’

Think it might be a wise idea to grab a copy right now? I think it might…

Here’s the link

Female Orgasms Techniques Jason Julius

Jason Julius Orgasm Blueprint

Talk soon,

Jason Julius



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