Learn The Definition Of The Female Climax And The Science Behind It ?

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An orgasm is something that many women talk about, usually among themselves while giggling. Most of them agree that it should happen at least once in a lifetime. Nevertheless, what exactly is it’s meaning, and how does it occur?


What Is An Orgasm?


Definition: To put it simply, it is the highest peak of sexual pleasure any woman can ever experience.

When you have one, your body will discharge the sexual tension that it has been under during stimulation. That discharge process is what gives you a high, which can cause you to undergo a number of things.


How Do Orgasms Occur?


obc_Square_4 They occur as a direct result of a number of things.

This include vaginal intercourse, oral sex, non-penetrative sex, and masturbation.

The stimulation of erogenous zones like your nipples may bring about a climax. The use of sex toys may also cause you to release tension.

Psychological arousal, which may occur when you have wet dreams, can also cause you to cum.

When a woman is orgasming, she will have a clitoral erection, increased vaginal discharge, muscular contractions in the vagina, anus and uterus areas, erection of the nipples, and possibly a red flush in her body.

During this time, she will also feel the euphoric high and may end up trying to vocalize what you are feeling. After the orgasmic experience is complete, she will then experience a feeling of ultimate relaxation.

Some ladies have been known to have multiple orgasms during one sex session. However, this does not happen to all, just some.

You may also fail to achieve this peak during one sexual intercourse and then reach it in another. No two women are alike in this regard, which is why you should not judge your experiences based on what others say.

obc_Square_2 The most common types of orgasms are vaginal and the clitoral.

The former usually happens when the G spot, which is a sensitive area within the vagina, has been stimulated sufficiently.

The later on the other hand entails stimulation of the clitoris area to achieve the ultimate high you may be looking for.

On average, it will require 10-20 minutes of sexual arousal in order to make your partner come.

However, if you opt for masturbation, it will take about 4 minutes.

Women are also more likely to come for a longer time when compared to men, although it takes time longer to get to that point in the first place.

The brain is an important organ when it comes to cumming. If you are anxious and worried or even ashamed of what you are doing, you are unlikely to come.

On the other hand, if you are psychologically receptive to the sexual titillation going on, then your chances of achieving that high you desire are much higher.

However, as long as you get the right amount of teasing, you will likely achieve an the big ” O “.

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