How To Seduce Your Woman With Touch And Kiss

Touch Her Like THIS And She’ll Want Sex 90 Seconds Later…


Yes, the power of touch can be that powerful – when used in the right way.

Discover exactly how to touch her so you can rapidly turn her on (no matter how disinterested in sex she seems at the moment) here…

DEMONSTRATION: How to innocently TOUCH your woman into bed in 90 seconds


Beyond touch, there are other powerful ways of seducing her silently – through physical means rather than words…

Think back to films with alpha male figures like Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, James Dean or other famous male heart-throbs. If you look at how they moved, spoke and interacted with women, you’ll notice that one of the things they did was give them long lingering looks.

This isn’t an accident.

This is because they understood the power of eye contact.

And so as an experiment I decided to try this same “eye contact” trick to MY woman a few nights ago, and perhaps held it a little too long…

She was like “What?”

I said “Oh, nothing.” Didn’t break eye contact. And just added a small smirk to my lingering look. Next thing, she came over and say down on my lap. Half annoyed, half turned on.

That’s when I realized I was onto something here….

I could turn her on without even saying a word.

And when I combined this with the power of touch the results were explosive!

Truth is, Talking Is Often Overrated

There’s no need to overcomplicate things with hours of boring conversation or complex pickup lines, when simply touching her arm in the right way can make her powerless to your advances.

I’m being dead serious – get this right and you won’t believe how horny you can make her.

In fact, I know a guy who can give women full body orgasms just by stroking his finger up and down her arm…and touching a few other special places.

And this was while she was fully clothed.

Want to see proof?

Go here and watch this video…

HIDDEN CAMERA DEMONSTRATION: Man Makes A Woman So Horny She DEMANDS to be taken back to his place and “satisfied”.

Talk soon


PS. This guy in the video’s name is Magic and he’s been a huge mentor to many men in using the power of touch and other SILENTundetectable seduction methods.

That video shows a hidden camera seduction where one of this guy’s friends uses his techniques to meet a girl at the dog park and get her so horny that she demands to be taken back to his place and… uhumn… banged.

Don’t believe me?

Then watch it for yourself by clicking this link here!



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