Sexual Dysfunction In Women: Understanding Why She Cant Orgasm ?

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The female orgasmic disorder (FOD) or anorgasmia is when a woman has problems getting an orgasm no matter how sexually excited she is. For it to be classified as a FOD, it has to be recurrent and not just an occasional thing. It can be a very frustrating condition for both the woman and her partner. The man might feel like he is not good enough to drive her to the big ‘O’ while the she might feel inadequate for not being able to have a climax.




obc_Square_4There are varied reasons why some ladies experience FOD. Some of them include:

*Medication: some prescription drugs such as prozac, zoloft and paxil can interfere with a woman’s ability to cum.

*Psychological issues: If she went through a traumatic event, like rape or any history of sexual abuse, then she’ll have a likelihood of reliving those events during intercourse, and this will prevent them from cumming.

Other issues such as relationship issues, chronic stress from work or family can also cause FOD.

*Female genital mutilation: This is common in communities where women still go through genital mutilation where their clitoris and other parts of the genitals are removed. This significantly reduces their sensation when making out.

*Lack of experience: There are some who have this problem because they are too shy to explore their bodies, or they are afraid of letting their partners know what turns them on to a point of reaching her sensual peak.

*Medical conditions: Some chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes can interfere with the level of body’s stimulation.

*Perception: There are some girls who have been brought up with the idea that sex is a bad thing. Either through religious beliefs or social upbringing. This makes it very hard for them to relax and enjoy it to a point of coming.




The main symptom of FOD is the inability to reach climax. It can also be characterized by taking longer than normal to get an one, or having very weak and insignificant CLIMAXES all the time.




obc_Square_2 orgasmic disorder can be treated by addressing the main cause. Some of the recommended treatments include;

* Seeing a therapist: this is important if the condition is caused by psychological factors such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) or other stress related issues.

*Switching medication: If the medication she is using is the cause, then they can talk to their doctor to give them an alternative form of medication.

*Open communication: couples should embrace ope communication so that they can explore their sexuality and try different styles that can give both of them the ultimate sensations. satisfaction.

*Estrogen hormonal therapy: This will increase the blood flow to the genitals and increase sensitivity during lovemaking.

It is always advisable for ladies going through FOD to seek help as soon as they can.

This is because prolonged orgasmic problems can make both sexes lose interest in sex. When that happens, then it can ruin a relationship and cause a lot of guilt to the people involved.

They will always blame themselves for not being good enough, and it might interfere with their future relationships, causing a chain of stress.

It all starts with being healthy both physically and mentally, and being able to relax before and during intercourse.

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