Discover The Misconceptions And Truths About Women And Orgasms ?

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The female orgasm is shrouded by a lot of mystery and myth caused by lack of knowledge. This is because most people still shy away from exploring their bodies and getting in touch with their sexuality.

Even though a sexual climax is pleasurable and should be enjoyed by everyone, there are so many misconceptions, myths and facts surrounding them. Some of them include:


1. An orgasm can be achieved through vaginal penetration only:


Even though most people think that ladies can only cum during vaginal penetration, more that one third of women reach their ‘big O’ through clitoral stimulation.


2. If a she does not cum, then she does not love the man she is with:


obc_Square_4 There is a lot in play when it comes reaching that orgasmic point in women. Level of arousal, hormones and mental status are some of the elements that can determine her ability to get one during intercourse.

It doesn’t mean that she has less love for the dude if she does not get it.


3. There is something wrong with a girl who has never experienced this sexual peak:


Sometimes, all a chick needs is a guy who understands her body, or the proper self stimulation to get that elusive Big O.

Some go through their life not having experienced one, and it has nothing to do with their body.

They may have never taken a chance to explore their whole body well enough to know what completely turns them on to the point of getting one.


4. A woman who experiences orgasming is of lose morals:


Your Woman cumming has nothing to do with a her morality. All it needs is someone who is comfortable enough to explore sex and the pleasure it brings. Whether you are a guy or chick, it doesn’t mean that you are corrupted if you enjoy the pleasures that come with intercourse.


5. You cannot enjoy sex without the Big ” O “:


obc_Square_2 What’s True: While it would be a blissful bonus to come every time you have sex, it is not the ultimate goal.

Lovemaking is meant for a deeper connection, that is beyond climaxing.

So, it should not be the main reason why you should be making love. In fact, if you concentrate only on getting her off, you may never enjoy sex.


6. The older you get, the lower your chances of getting one:


No matter how old you are, you can still get “the big bang”. In fact, the older she gets, chances are that she knows her body too well, so she can easily get one. All she needs is proper stimulation, trust and comfort.


7. If she cannot come, it is her partner who isn’t doing a good job in getting her there:


It takes both a man and a woman to connect deeply for her to reach this sex pinnacle. So, it is not entirely on the man to ensure that the she comes. Both of them have to be in the right frame of mind for it to happen.


8. If a man uses a condom, she can never have cum:


There is no connection between her coming and the use of condoms. On the contrary, wearing a condom will make her feel safe. She will not worry about unwanted pregnancies and STIs. When she is relaxed, she is more likely to reach the the “Big-O”.

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