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How ToLast 45 Minutes In Bed…


Men are biologically designed to orgasm quickly in bed.


Because the quicker you orgasm the more likely you are to successfully reproduce.

But today we live in a society where the priority is no longer guaranteeing reproduction – women, believe it or not, value sexual satisfaction as well – which can take longer than a couple of seconds or minutes.

So… discover how to bypass your biological instincts, dramatically extend your stamina and give your woman a LOT more sexual pleasure in bed here…

Method to last over 45 minutes in bed


My buddy (and stamina expert) Lloyd Lester had a great way of describing this…

If you were to take someone from a remote tribe where no one has never heard of a thing called swimming, and you throw him into the open sea, he’ll probably panic and drown.

Swimming isn’t entirely natural to humans. We had to LEARN it. (Unlike other animals like dogs, horses, even elephants that can swim naturally and effectively even if they never have before).

Fortunately, with a little bit of practice, man can learn to swim fairly easily.

The same can be said of our bedroom performance – specifically our stamina in bed.

Lasting 20-30 minutes during sex doesn’t come naturally to us. In fact, men are predisposed to ej*culate as quickly as possible for simple evolutionary reasons.

(If you were in hostile territory or fear danger may be lurking nearby, not only does it make sense for your body to be in prime position to escape – increased sweat production, higher heart rate, dilated pupils, etc. – it also makes great sense for you to ej*culate as quickly as possible, pass on your sperm to the female and get the hell out of dodge.)

In a world where 2 to 5 minutes is considered “good”, being able to last for 30 minutes or more could turn any guy into a “sex god”… even though we don’t need to last that long to completely blow a woman’s mind in bed.

So how does a man learn to beat premature ej*culation against all odds… and enjoy prolonged pleasure with his woman?

The answer is by implementing a few simple counter-intuitive techniques.

They’re counter-intuitive because they go AGAINST your natural instincts.

And that’s exactly WHY they are so effective.

Get more details on the specifics of these techniques for lasting much longer in bed here…

The counter-intuitive sex techniques that’ll help you last over 45 minutes in bed

Talk soon,


PS – Lasting 45 minutes is a REALISTIC goal.

…Even if right now you last only a few seconds.

Discover how to make this happen through this link here…






Ejaculation By Command Review

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