Day Game Domination Review

a Rejection-Proof Dating Technique
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Meeting women doesn’t have to involve painful rejection after painful rejection until you eventually “strike gold”.

Discover how to bypass rejection using this technique…

Watch this man demonstrate a rejection-proof dating technique


The truth is there are a thousand different ways to approach women successfully.

But what you’ve got to tailor to is your level of confidence.

If you’re totally unshakeably confident, the reality is that you can say pretty much whatever you want (within reason) and you’ll likely develop a great conversation.

But if you’re not at that level yet what I recommend is using approaches that “get you in the game” and acclimatize you to the feeling approaching women you don’t know.

So instead of classic cheesy pick-up lines, the next time you meet a group of women try the following…

Ask them for their OPINION on something.

And make that opinion something THEY would be interested in.

Here’s an example of a something you could say if you need to memorize something to get started…

“Hey guys, I need a quick opinion on something… My friends and I were just having a heated debate on this… Who do you think LIES more – men or women?”

And then let them share their opinion.

Let the conversation flow.

Perhaps have some follow up questions or thoughts and see what happens.

Now – is this a “PERFECT” opener?

No, because there’s no such thing.

But the goal here is to GET YOU IN THE GAME.

Don’t worry about being perfect – worry about getting started and figuring this stuff out.

And pretty soon you’ll be using more natural openers that are a better reflection of you as an individual


If you want to take your meeting and attracting women to a whole new level, go watch the following video.

Not only does it include DEMONSTRATIONS of what approaches work, but it’ll give you all the small details and specifics you need to maximize your chances of success and creating a LINE of women who are desperate to date you.

Watch the video here…

Video demonstration of powerful approach techniques for meeting women

Talk soon,


PS – What’s great about these techniques is that you don’t need to look like a model or be rich for these to work.

This approaches speak to a woman’s deeper unconscious desires and feeling of attraction which is why they are so effective.

See video on how they work by clicking this link NOW…



Day Game Domination Review


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