The Top Sex Positions To Make Her Clitoris CUM ?

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More than 70% of women do not get an orgasm from vaginal penetration. As much as men would like to think that the pounding is enough to get her to the climax, statistics indicate that it is doesn’t happen.

However, you should not worry about these statistics. There are other ways that you can use to ensure that your girl gets that elusive “O”.

The mistake that guys do is that they fail to read through the several articles that detail all they need to know about female orgasms.

So, somehow, their lack of knowledge makes it difficult for them to help their women cum. The blame is not entirely on men, the fact of the matter is, for majority of women, it’s easier to achieve a clitoral climax than a vaginal one.

The good news is, there are different sex styles you can use to stimulate the clit.


1. The woman on top


Once you master how to do this, then you are sure of giving her maximum clitoral stimulation. Lie on your back and have her straddle you while facing away from you.

This grants her more control of the velocity and depth of your penis thrusts. When she leans forward, her sweet spot rubs on your pelvic bone for more pleasure. Alternatively, you can rub her “little man in the boat” using your hand while she is riding you.


2. The ‘On chair’ position


obc_Square_4This style needs her to straddle you while you are seated in an armless chair.

While she faces forward, her clit will be rubbing on your pelvic bone and stomach.

The other way to do it is have her face away from you for her to touch herself as you enter her.

An alternative to the armless chair is trying this pose while you are seated on the edge of the bed.


3. The amped up missionary :


This is better than the regular missionary style because it allows a more intense clitoral stimulation and orgasm activation.

For you to achieve this, your head must be stationed higher than hers, and not in the same level as her like in the regular missionary. The trick is to find a positioning that allows your pelvic to stimulate her pleasure spot.


4. On your sides:


Both of you should be facing the same direction. Enter her from behind while her leg is slightly parted.

Even though you will not be directly stimulating her “lovebud”, you can play with it by gently massaging it. She can also pleasure herself until she “gets off”.


5. The doggy style


obc_Square_2You definitely know what the doggy style is, so there is no need to explain.

This one will also not give the advantage of direct stimulation of the clitoris, but you can do it for her.

It may be difficult due to the fact that stimulating her happy button while you are thrusting may not be very easy.

The other alternative is for her to touch and arouse herself, or you can just periodically switch pumping with touching her clit.

Generally, if you want her to get her off, make sure that you choose a posture that allows stimulation of the love button.

Other additional tips you can use to give your lady a time of her life are:


* Don’t just keep pounding:


Unlike men, women lose sensitivity when the pounding gets monotonous. So take things slow.

Penetrate slowly so that she can feel you entirely – every inch. If she needs you to go faster, she will let you know. And when you are stimulating her hot spot, be gently.

Remember that the clit is very sensitive, and if you are too rough, it will become painful for her.


* Use some lube


Using lubricant when stimulating her clitoris feels much better than when your hand is dry. It is the same concept of how nice it is when you are given a handjob with a dry hand. It doesn’t feel so good, does it?


*Consider her needs:


Try and establish your partner’s favorite position. She is likely to get off if you work with what she likes best.


*Communication is key:


It helps to talk about sex. Ask her what she likes, how she likes been made love to and why it works for her. You can also try the ones we discussed earlier above, to find out what you and her enjoy most.

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