Bigger And Deeper Review

What Your FACE Says
About Your PENIS


What can this gorgeous hottie teach you about staying rock-hard, going deeper and bigger, and lasting all night long?

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If a woman keeps looking over at you, here’s probably why…

Apparently women have been quietly gushing about a new research that saw a distinct relationship between a man’s facial features and the size of his dong between his legs…

More specifically, researchers found that the the distance between the middle of the left eye and the tip of the nose were perfectly proportional to the girth of a man’s erect member.

So… making eye contact with that cute barista just got a little bit more awkward 😉

What then do you do with this piece of information?

Truth is, everyone has heard of the myth that having big hands and feet equals a big unit down there.

So take this finding with a pinch of salt.

More importantly, remember this…

Size itself doesn’t always paint the full picture.

Simply because different women do have different ideas of the perfect size. (in fact most are just fine with the size you already have)

But if you think you’re a little shortchanged in the bulge department, then this is something worth checking out:

==> How to make her feel you’ve become 2 to 3 inches BIGGER inside of her

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester






Bigger And Deeper Review


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