How To Make A Woman Cum

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how to make her cumhow to make women cum

Making A Girl Come

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How To Make A Girl Come fast

how to make her orgasm

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69 Sensuous Tips For Making Your Wife Or Partner Melt In Between The Sheets And Giving Her The Best Sex Ever

(These Tips Can Be Used By Any Man To Give Women Incredible Pleasure)

female orgasm video


How To Make A Girl Cum

Hey There! Do you want to be the next guy that learns the secrets of how to make a woman cum in the most awesome way, and send waves of intense sexual pleasure all over her body.. more powerful than anything she has ever experienced before?

If you happen to be like most guys going through this article now, I bet your desire is to be the best lover ever for your lady, right?

But if you have been going through any of the gossip sections in women’s magazines, or you have been reading any of the sex studies released in the past few years, you are likely to be WELL aware of the fact that the largest percentage of women out there are often NOT satisfied during intercourse.

In that case, what should you do so that your woman can have the most ecstatic time ever during love-making?

It is quite easy; just follow these.. 5 explosive tips below and ignite her orgasmic fires starting tonight!


How To Make Her Cum Faster In 6 Easy Steps

how to make a woman come video


Tip #1 – “Deep Connection Dynamics”

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how to make her comeIf you focus all your attention on your girl, you can easily give her body the kind of ecstasy it yearns for.

Do not let your mind wander off to anything else as you pleasure her, she can sense it.

You therefore need to entirely concentrate your mind on her like she is the most desirable thing that you can ever… ever have.
Within no time, this will make her whole body to start to sexually glow with pleasure.

This way, you will have an emotional connection with her in such a way that your actions will set a stage that will make her respond to you in such a way you never have thought was possible!


Tip #2 – “Play the Voyeur”

how to make her come fast


The vast majority of women who never experience a climax during sex are just too shy to direct their partners on what they want done to them.

Yet masturbation is able to make almost all of them reach this sexual peak.

It is therefore advisable that you encourage your woman to pleasure herself while you OBSERVE what moves she is making and what places she is touching so as to learn how to give her the most pleasurable sexual encounters ever.

If you didn’t know, all ladies are blessed with certain “hot-erogenous-spots” all over their bodies which tend light up intense pleasurable sensations when touched.

Be sure to learn where these a reas are so that you can dedicate all your undivided attention to them during sex.

Your woman’s body is capable of cumming within 10 minutes of a luscious foreplay from you, therefore this is another easy way of igniting her sensual embers without employing too much effort or time!


Tip #3 – “Tongue Gymnastics”

how to make a woman come video


Orgasm By CommandThe art of kissing is the one thing that can make or break your ability to be the greatest, most sensuous lover to your partner.

Your woman really LOVES this voluptuous and intimate act; do not hold it back.

During sex, kissing is usually one of the most crucial aspects of the entire session of pleasure, if not the most crucial.
Begin with her mouth and gradually move on to other sensual areas of her body.

As you explore her body like this, her breathing patterns and bodily reactions will eventually reveal all of them.

Thoroughly work on these parts and see how you will be slowly but surely tantalizing all her senses and turning on the orgasmic faucet to the highest levels of her sexual pleasure potential.



69 Sensuous Tips For Making Your Wife Or Partner Melt In Between The Sheets And Giving Her The Best Sex Ever

(These Tips Can Be Used By Any Man To Give Women Incredible Pleasure)

female orgasm video


Tip #4 – “Exert Oral Influence”

how to make a female cum


The vast majority of women cannot really get enough of oral play, simply because it is a very POWERFUL — and exceptionally easy — way for experiencing an orgasm.

So, explore the power of your tongue and fingers and ignite her whole body with a mind-blowing stimulation of the clitoris.

Make use of your fingers. The trick here is to indirectly stimulate her at first.

Gently run your fingers on both sides of her clitoris, softly caressing the clitoral hood with your thumb.

The ” 69 ” sex-style is arguably one of the greatest technique of simultaneously receiving AND giving oral pleasure that gives you and your partner the very best of both worlds!

Giving her oral sex alone has the potential to give your woman several, thigh-shaking orgasms that only intensify when you move on to penetrate her.

Did you know that you can employ the services of a sex toy to give you a little bit of more “help” to enhance her pleasure to the maximum?

My recommendation would be a toy that is designed for a stimulation of the anus.

This appears up there among the most intimate pleasure-giving sexual deeds, you only need to do it in the right way.

Anal stimulation, coupled with clitoral stimulation using your tongue, are two sexual acts that are able to offer your woman a killer “orgasmic combo” that can INDUCE one of her most intense female sexual pleasure that will leave her shaking in unfathomable sexual ecstasy.


Tip #5 – “Movement Modulation”

how to make her cum fast


how to make a girl orgasmRather than begin your love-making with vaginal penetration and pumping right away, try to enter her honey pot slowly but surely.

While you do this, be sure to modulate your movements, paying attention to the way her body reacts.

For instance, perform a shallow penetration of her vajayjay, then pull out and tease her a bit by rubbing your penis against her clitoral shaft.

Penetrate her again and repeat this.

Then gradually build up your thrusts into her in such a way that her sexual anxiety is heightened so as to prime her for the powerful climax when her body is ready for it.


Tip #6 – The Tantalizing Grind

how to make your wife cum


During sex, many men just go straight to thrusting motions yet wonder why their women never cum.

No matter how deep you enter her, no matter how hard you thrust, it is very unlikely that her body will be stimulated enough to climax this way.

This is the proper way of penetrating her: rather than just thrusting straight in, use your hips to mimic the performance of a rotational grinding movement.

This motion works great for her body since your pubic mound will be rubbing against her clitoris, sufficiently stimulating her entire body to an intensively body-shaking sexual climax..

How To Make A Woman Come Faster

make her.cum

How To Make A Woman Come Quick


How To Make Women Orgasm

how to make a girl cream

how to make a girl orgasm fast



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How To Make A Girl Cum fast

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How To Make A Girls Cum

how to make a woman cum

how to make my wife orgasm

how to make a girl cum

How To Make A Women Cum


How To Make A Woman Orgasm

Are you ready to learn how to make a woman orgasm by command, QUICKLY and EASILY?

Have you ever wished you knew how to make women cum explosively?

Even better. How would you like to be able to give your wife, girlfriend or lover, rock hard, earth moving, and even life changing climaxes, time and time again… on COMMAND?

Sounds like another one of those hype filled claims right? Well, in this case, it’s not.

Why is it that? Well, when it comes to Fantastic sex, there are some guys who appear to not only hold the secret on how YOU make a lady come easily, but also give ladies incredible, bed-shaking, sheet-ripping, spin-tingling climaxes without breaking a sweat?

Sure, it’s great to be able to set off those intense powerful climaxes, but what would be even better is to be able to learn how to give a woman a orgasm AT WILL, in a dependable and repeatable way. (not by luck)

Let’s take it even further… what if you make her knees tremble simply my whispering something sensual into her ear or lightly touching her hand?

Sounds a little outrageous right?

Well, it’s actually not.

As a matter of fact, how to make a girl cum quick, is exactly what author Lloyd Lester teaches in his latest groundbreaking guide, ” Orgasm By Command “.

How To Make A Woman Come Fast


how to make a woman orgasm


How To Make Her Orgasm


Orgasim Video


how to make my girlfriend cum

This guide is a distinctive, step by step manual that teaches you how to give a woman an orgasm on command, that’s right. You’ll have the skills of how to make her cum instantly, every time you feel like it”

This isn’t just some fly by night solution either. Lloyd Lester also created two other hugely successful systems; “Ejaculation By Command” and “Erection By Command”.

This “System” incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and cognitive psychology, highly effective anchoring techniques that he has adapted, expanding on them to much higher levels that make it possible to hot-wire a girl’s pleasure centers, producing an intense, ultimate orgasmic experience, not once but multiple times.

If you’ve read anything at all about NLP, you’ve heard the term “anchors” and are familiar with the process. By “anchors,” an NLP word for “association” refers a trigger, the trigger that elevates the emotional state.

For instance, when someone’s experiencing a peak emotional state (excitement, intense pleasure) whatever is going on around them gets linked to their experience, becoming a dependable trigger that you’ll be able to use time and again.

Using NLP anchoring, you’ll be able to lock in your partner’s emotional experience and instantly repeat it, almost at will, whenever the two of you want it.

Now, if you already understand how anchors are produced, you are a step ahead of the game. If you don’t,…

“Lloyd Lester will thoroughly explain the process of making women cum faster, in easy to understand terms.”

How To Make Your Girl Cum


best way to make a girl orgasm

How To Cum Quick


how does a woman cumYou’ll be happy to know that, from start to finish, creating an intense, sexual climax anchor, activating it and trigger one her best female orgasms, is easy to do with the “climax On Demand” eBook.

Just like his previous programs, Lester has the ability to present his cumming techniques and tips in a straightforward, step by step, manner that makes it easy for any guy to follow and give his partner out of this world vaginal “spasms” by demand.

Lester starts off with the core strategies of how his latest system works, followed by breaking them down into steps that go into great detail.

If at this point you’re thinking that the techniques are probably complicated and call for sexual prowess that you may not be able to deliver, I feel comfortable telling you they they’re not.

I also want to mention that the strategies used in this tutorial aren’t just based on theory. NLP, a form of mental conditioning, has actually been around since the beginning of time.

Actually, all of us are unknowingly being programmed in this way every day. A good example would be when we hear a particular song and it takes us back to a particular time in our life, or has a subliminal effect on our emotions, happy or sad. Or when we smell a scent and it reminds us of a time in our past, triggering emotions out of the clear blue.

These kinds of associations are randomly created by our brains. Lloyd Lester has come up with a way to take this anomaly even further by altering the same concepts and principles, intentionally creating the pleasure triggers that trigger instant ejaculations in ladies.

Once you learn these strategies and apply the “trigger” to your woman, you’ll be able to set off almost instant female ejaculations anywhere, anytime.

And they won’t be just any climaxes either, they not only get her instantly aroused, they’ll deliver an intense pleasure that she probably hasn’t enjoyed before.

Do you think this would be a handy skill to have? I’d say “Hell yeah!

Best of all, the lady will be left wondering why she’s, all of a sudden, experiencing so much sexual pleasure. She may even feel that you have some sort of magical power over her. A power of how to make a women ejaculate whenever you want. And guess what? She won’t be able to get enough.

“One other thing I really like about this ” how to make her Orgasm On Command “ package is the one on one support that Lloyd Lester provides to his clients.”

In fact, all of his programs are considered leaders in the sexuality market when it comes to customer support and timely, personalized responses to all email queries within 24 hours, every day of the week.

This gives his you the peace of mind because there’s a real person behind this product that you can reach out to with questions, anytime.

How To Cum Quick


how to get her to orgasm


Making A Girl Cum


Sure, clearly some chicks have an easier time reaching their sexual peak than others which, to some degree, can have an affect on how well how to make a woman comeanchoring techniques will work on some.

The approaches used in this system are advanced, but work amazingly well for men who have no clue on how to make women orgasm.

That being said, Lloyd Lester’s system shares several awesome progressive anchoring techniques that will help the guy that hasn’t been able to learn ways to get a chick to “come” on his own.

These progressive anchoring techniques will teach you how to make it possible for your girlfriend or wife to have ultra-intense, mind blowing, repeatable climaxes, in many cases even increasing her capacity for sexual pleasures.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind however is that the manual’s anchoring techniques will create a very powerful emotional connection in the females that you use them on because the kind of intense, sexual satisfaction they’ll experience will leave them wanting to come back for more.

This means that you’ll need to be very selective with the women you go after.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, that’s even better! This incredible system will create a deeper sexual and emotional bond between you.

Bottom line, I highly recommend you only share this potent “gift” with independent and sexually open minded partner who can handle it. If you don’t, you could end up in a world of trouble, so don’t use what you learn

How To Make Woman Climax

How To Get A Girl To Cum

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